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Keshe Foundation SSI 72nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, July 30 2015August 3, 2015

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“The Greatest Moment In Human History”

"Il momento più grande nella storia umana"

The world has changed forever – for the betterment of humanity and the environment.Yes, we DO NOT need to build another hydro-electric dam nor another wind-turbine farm nor another nuclear-power plant for clean, environment-friendly, sustainable and endless energy!

At last, it's now a reality … free energy is here! We no longer need fossil fuel to power our cars. We can also power our homes and factories with free energy while at the same time supply excess energy to the power grid! Keshe Foundation plasma technology developments/inventions are environment-friendly, need no re-charging, practically 'plug and play' and they last a lifetime. (No home, however remote, should now be without power! Hey, PM Najib, forget about 1MDB dragging you down; get up and go do the heroic thing for the people in Malaysia who have yet to enjoy power in their homes and you'll come out smelling like roses!)

If one wishes, one can learn to build the Kf plasma technology (magrav power) devices yourself by attending Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute ' Knowledge Seekers Workshop ' online which is absolutely free of charge.

Kf Plasma Reactors (order here)

Kf Plasma Reactors2

Kf Plasma Reactors in Star Formation

Kf Plasma Reactors in Star Formation

Dimension about the size of a Coke can. Need no re-charging. Last a lifetime! Now power your car without the need for petrol … power your home with free energy while at the same time supply excess energy to the power grid!

Kf Plasma Reactors for Car and Home (order here)

Keshe Foundation

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

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